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    Comments: Dr. Messiha has been treating me for several years.

    I had radiation therapy in the 80s and my neck, shoulders and back have been degenerating ever since. The pain became debilitating in 2015 so I finally had spine surgery. I met Dr. Messiha a few years later. He was meticulous during our first meeting and he re-evaluates me just as meticulously every month. He always answers questions I have about alternate treatments and sometimes has suggestions for us to explore. His seminars are informative, brief and convenient. I consider myself lucky to have connected with him.

    My one gripe is that his office is far from my home. I couldn’t take a star from my review for that, though (I tracked him down after he moved from the practice I originally saw him at). I met him when a colleague of his visited me in the hospital.

    If you have a problem with pain, gather up your tests and records and see Dr. Messiha! If he takes care of you as well as me, you will not regret it.