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    Comments: Being a doctor with chronic pain (due to spinal stenosis and nerve impingement), I have been through the ringer for the past 20 years. Numerous pain clinics and anesthesiologists have provided nerve blocks, epidural steroid injections, opiate and non-opiate pain medication. Retiring as a result of my predicament, spinal fusion surgery was undertaken 2 years ago as a last resort.

    Postoperatively, pain management was completely inadequate in the hospital setting and I suffered for weeks until I had my initial outpatient appointment with a new anesthesiologist, Dr. Andrew Messiha.

    Fast forward to the present day, I am active, happy, and incredibly grateful to Dr. Messiha for his caring, understanding, and experienced approach to my pain issues. In the past 2 years he has helped wean me off of dangerous narcotic medicine, expertly performed an epidural steroid injection, and follows up with me monthly. I've encountered innumerable physicians in my career and I can honestly say that Dr.Messiha is an amazing doctor and would trust him with the care of my loved ones.