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    Comments: Yes, it does take time to get into this office. I recall it taking more than a week to get into the doctor. With that being said, I am incredibly thankful I waited. I originally heard about Dr Mekhail (sp?) through my specialist- she stated she has worked with him a few times; however, he was booked up for weeks, so the nurse offered to book me in with Dr. Messiha. I went in with the same amount of anxiety that most have. I have had terrible experiences in this realm. I have cried time and time again, so with little hope I met with Dr Messiha. He spent probably a good hour walking through my file we discussed things I have tried, things that work, things that don't. For the first time in a while I felt like a doctor was actually listening to me. This man is an incredible doctor! His wisdom seems unparalleled... if you are open and honest he will provide you with an amazing amount of guidance and treatment options. I feel incredibly lucky to have him as my doctor.
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